Cable overmolding and insert molding

Low pressure elastomer and thermoplastic overmolding across variety of industries in record fast lead times


In overmoulding process usually two moulds are used. One is for primary part layer - substrate part and the second one is for latter one to overlay the substrate. Overmoulding allows different color or physical properties resin to meld. For example, clear acrylic lens can be located with overmoulding in PCB plastic housing. Overmoulding is, thus, very similar to 2 shot but requires more work force and two moulds, however is cheaper at lower production levels.

Overmoulded wires

2K moulding (double shot moulding)

Multi shot overmoulding is used when several resin components have to be meld together. In this way workpiece can be moulded multi colored and with required distinct physical properties, e. g. part can consist of polymer injected hard cover and elastomer injected soft cover sections. Component resins are strongly bonded chemically and thus final product is durable and wear resistant. Main distinction between Overmoulding and 2 shot moulding is that 2K is performed with more expensive and complex machining and thus is usually more expensive and breaks even at larger production volumes.


Insert Moulding

Insert moulding is the process when usually electronics' components e. g. cables or circuit boards are encapsulated. Low pressure moulding (LPM) is used in such cases. Wires or PCBs are covered by layers of polymers to protect them from mechanical fatigue or environmental effects respectively. As the name of LPM itself suggests low pressure allows low-viscosity materials, e. g. hot melt polyamide materials, to easily flow in room-temperature moulds with inserts in it. When solidified, insert together with overmoulded material are ejected from the cavity manually or automatically and the process is finished.

Design guidelines


  • Maximum injection volume capacity: 20cm³;

  • Projected mould area: within ⌀100mm perimeter; 

  • Maximum depth: 100mm (2-3° draft).


​Different materials combinations can result in different bonding and wall thickness can vary significantly. Please check out material bonding and recommended wall thickness guide on materials page.

Radiused corners

If possible we can avoid radiused inside corners by using EDM. Anyway, resulting radii will be indicated for you before the mould is CNC machined.

Maximum injection volume for plastic part
projected moulding area


In-house tooling

Our moulds are CNC milled here at our facilities. We design, optimize them, perform DFM analysis and we write machining G-code for CNC machining.

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Micromolding begins when microfeatures take place and vary from 100µm to 5µm in size.

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Medical Injection Molding 

Microfluidics, OEM solutions, clean room 8 molding, sterilization and medical grade plastics.

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