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Your custom micro components molded with a synergy of modern technologies -

In combination of micro machining, laser and LiGA technologies we make molds that shape micro geometries you need.

Experts in micro injection molding

Explore our recent projects across the industries and see a backstage of true micro molding technology.

"We received parts with perfect Part-to-part or lot-to-lot consistency."

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Patent pending technology - glass molds for your
sub-micron features

We use Nickel and Silica inserts that are precision machined and installed to our micro moulds.

  • Laser ablation

  • Selective Laser Etching (SLE)

  • Multiphoton polymerization

  • LiGA (Nickel plate inserts)

Fill micro cavities with
variothermal and vacuum molding

Successful micro tooling is just a halfway. We use variothermal and vacuum molding to overcome polymer melt flow hesitation 

effects and fill thin walls


  • Twin walls as thin as 0.1mm

  • Through-holes with a diameter of 0.05mm

  • Micro features as small as 0.02mm 

  • High aspect ratios of 1:10 

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Tolerance control at every stage of micro-molding

By controlling tolerances at every stage of injection molding, we can achieve high levels of quality and consistency.

4µm (mold making)​


10µm (molding)


4µm (metrology)


2µm (material)


20µm (total)

Optical metrology - a must for micro molding quality control

When there is more deviation in the measurement than in the actual molded part, quality control is even more challenging.

  • Immediate dimensional check in molding process

  • Guarantee the consistency and reproducibility of micro-molded parts

  • Assembly tolerance fit compatibility

  • Verify the intended design specifications


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