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Microfluidic chip fabrication - micromolding lab on chip devices

We are molding custom microfluidic systems twice cheaper and faster.

Get your micro-machined prototypes or large batch molded droplet microfluidic chips now!


Enough working with PDMS chips?

Switch to plastics and scale up your production with micro injection molding technology




Batch production

microfluidic ropotics quality check_edited.jpg


1.Optimzing the Design

  • Feature density 

  • Min. feature depth

  • Aspect ratio

  • Max. feature width

  • Min. internal radius

2.Prototype or make a mold

  • Precision milling 

  • Electro-forming

  • Laser ablation

  • Fused Silica Etching

  • LIGA

3.Injection Molding

  • Micro molding 

  • Vast material range

  • Serial production

  • Rapid prototyping

4. Sealing the Chip

  • Hydrophobic Treatment

  • Thermal Bonding

  • Solvent-assisted bonding

5.Controling the Quality

  • Functional testing 

  • Optical droplet manipulation analysis

  • Testing critical features

micro injection machines

Micro molding


  • Low op. costs

  • High throughput

  • Easy handling

Aluminum micro molds


  • Precision milling

  • EDM machining

  • Easy modification

Aluminum micro molds

Untitled design (9).png

Bundled Micro- inserts


  • Change the inserts not the molds

  • Bundle with other projects

How can we cut the costs down twice?

By combining micromachines, micromolds, and micro-machining 

technologies we can offer an excellent balance between quality, speed and costs. Bundling micro inserts with other projects can reduce tooling costs twice.

Prototype and test only the critical geometries

We are enabling rapid prototyping with fused silica glass or micro milled chips by testing only critical features.


Fused Silica

micro milling tools.PNG

Micro milling


Test critical features

Droplet fluid manipulation in microfluidics.png

Fluid manipulation and droplets of a desired size

Molded​ microfluidic chips perform variety of tasks needed for biomedical engineering:

  • Droplet generation

  • Splitting

  • Merging

  • Sorting

Microfluidic systems working principles are based on low-Reynolds number flow regime. Precise generation and repeatability of monodisperse droplets is the core of microfluidics technology and this is a single task we mostly focus to do.

Applications of microfluidic cartridges 

Microfluidic devices serve for custom applications scattered throughout biomedicine and biotechnology fields. Continuous-flow based systems range from point-of-care devices and single cell microfluidic analysis (microfluidic cell culture) to organ on a chip devices.


Even though not all droplet-based systems are disposable polymer microfluidic devices we focus on microfluidics fabrication from a single unit to a high volume production.

microfluidic screening.PNG

Microfluidic droplet generators across the industries

Microfluidics is a multidisciplinary technology which is used across variety of industries:

  • Chemical synthesis and biological analysis

  • Advanced diagnostics and therapeutics

  • Drug delivery

  • Biomedicine and biotechnology

  • Point of care diagnostics

  • Organic synthesis

Whichever field of interest the project might be, we are always eager to contribute.

Our specialties

Injection molding of small parts
Injection molding small parts


'Micro' is not always 'micro'. If your part can fit in your hand - mold it 2x faster and cheaper with us.

Micro injection molding of plastic parts
Micro injection molding


Micro-injection molding begins when microstructures with a size of 100µm to 5µm are created.

Umspritzen kable


With insert molding, components (e.g. wires) are overmoulded

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