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Our short story

Micromolds℠ is part of a Lithuanian based Ltd. company "UAB Technoprojektai", founded in 2014 by our current CEO Jonas Tomkus who had previously been working as a senior mechanical engineer in the injection moulding field. His high expertise in engineering and passion to create, gathered like-minded engineers and formed a talented team. As a result, Technoprojektai has firmly established its name nationwide in micro moulding industry and thus has succesfully entered the global market.

Did you see this wall of aluminum molds below? Piece by piece we brick this wall as we grow with our clientele. We are still halfway through but it already proves our proficiency.

Jonas Tomkus
Founder of the company

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Our Environment

Micromolds℠ was selected as an innovative manufacturing spin-off company as a DIH (Digital Innovation Hub) member of Vilnius city. DIH is based in the building of Gamybos Inovacijų Slėnis (Manufacturing Innovation Valley) where all of the innovative manufacturing processes take place including Micromolding. 15 like-minded manufacturing companies from robotics to machining under one roof brings enormous value, resilience and capacity to us and this is the reason we are so proud of being DIH members.

Our Network

Micromolds℠ is also a member of Inovatyvios Gamybos Klasteris (Cluster of Manufacturing Innovators).The cluster was established in 2020 with its main goal to unite companies of different sizes, the academic community, associations and other organizations into a club of leaders in manufacturing innovation. The cluster is a participant in the INOLINK project of the Agency for science innovation and technology. The cluster coordinator is UAB "Pažangios inovacijos".

Our Ecosystem

Our scope

Mircromolds℠ divides its activities in main 4 activities:     


Our values



we declare the real lead times


we love engineering-like straight to the point communication

Social Responsibility

we work with non-profit projects and firmly plan to continue doing so in the future


we continuously invest time and capital to our team's expertise and personal development

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