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Medical injection molding - from prototypes to production

On-demand medical device molding - from concept to serial production in as fast as 5 weeks. ISO 8 clean room, packaging, sterilization and medical grade plastics - 100% in-house.

Plastic medical test tubes

Medical devices we have molded

Explore our recent projects across the medical field and see a backstage of true medical molding technology

Medical plastic tube transparent

Medical test tube prototype molding.

Svissinnov product Logo

Swissinnov GmbH

1.Upload CAD

Uploaded CAD file


  • No registration  step file

  • Few seconds

2.Get Quote


  • Real engineer guidance

  • Transparent pricing

  • 1 day


Prototype of a plastic part


  • Design assistance

  • Shared know-how

  • Free of charge


Injection molded plastic parts
Injection molded plastic parts
Injection molded plastic parts
Injection molded plastic parts


  • Clean room (class 8)

  • Sterilization

  • 2-5 weeks

5.Get Parts


  • Packaging + assembly

  • Shipping

  • 1 day

micro injection machines

Micro molding


  • Low op. costs

  • High throughput

  • Easy handling

Aluminum micro molds


  • Precision milling

  • EDM machining

  • Easy modification

Aluminum micro molds

development and innovation

Development and innovation


  • In vitro diagnostics

  • fluid management

  • Wearable Devices

How can we do


By combining micromachines, micromolds, lasers and lithography technologies we can offer an excellent balance between quality, speed and costs.

The Cleanness

you need

  • ISO 8 clean room

  • bioburden control

  • sterilization service

  • ETO/Gamma

  • packaging and assembly

cleanroom injection moulding

Clean room injection molding

Raw plastic material

Medical grade plastic choice

  • HRAF guide

  • Advisory

  • Sterilization Compliance

  • Mechanical functionality


We Stock vast variety of resins. Many of them are medical grade and HRAF approved. We closely work with official resin distributors across the Europe and guide our clients towards correct choice of material for the project.


Resin properties takes very important part in production. It impacts devices mechanical functionality and compatible sterilization method.

Prototyping the molds

  • Aluminum Mickroforms:

    • 70% cheaper;

    • 2x faster;

    • Guarantee of 200k cycles;

  • SLA 3D printed shapes

We use aluminum micro-molds which can be up to 70% cheaper and 2x faster machined than traditional steel molds. These aluminum micro-molds are perfect substitute for steel as they can withstand 200k cycles with no problem. We are also capable of using 3D printed molds for intensive prototyping need. SLA (Stereolithography) 3D printed moulds works together with aluminum fixtures. Aluminum cases adapt and enable SLA printed moulds to work with our injection machines.

3D printed strip test model

Our specialties

Injection molding of small parts
Injection molding small parts


'Micro' is not always 'micro'. If your part can fit in your hand - mold it 2x faster and cheaper with us.

Micro injection molding of plastic parts
Micro injection molding


Micro-injection molding begins when microstructures with a size of 100µm to 5µm are created.

Umspritzen kable


With insert molding, components (e.g. wires) are overmoulded

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