Medical injection molding - from prototypes to production

On-demand medical device molding - from concept to serial production in as fast as 5 weeks. ISO 8 clean room, packaging, sterilization and medical grade plastics - 100% in-house.

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Does your part fit in your hand?

If you want to work with us, your part must not exceed size of a Ø=100mm sphere and part volume=20ccWe specialize in micromolding technology and we are extremely focused on small parts only.


Development and innovation


• In-vitro diagnostics • Fluid management • Drug delivery • Device housings • Healthcare • Wearable devices •


10 years of experience in product design speaks for itself when Micromolds℠ R&D team takes new projects. It is our job to take clients' ideas and transform them in problem-free, DFM optimized, CAD drawings. Our experienced PMs ensures projects fitting in strict time frames and interdisciplinary know-how sharing with 0-fault communication.

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Medical grade plastic choice


• HRAF guidance • Consulting • Sterilization compliance • Mechanical functionality •

We stock vast variety of resins. Many of them are medical grade and HRAF approved. We closely work with official resin distributors across the Europe and guide our clients towards correct choice of material for the project. Resin properties takes very important part in production. It impacts devices mechanical functionality and compatible sterilization method.


Prototyping the molds


• Aluminum micro-molds • <70% cheaper • 2x faster • Warranty of 200k cycles • SLA 3D printed molds

We use aluminum micro-molds which can be up to 70% cheaper and 2x faster machined than traditional steel molds. These aluminum micro-molds are perfect substitute for steel as they can withstand 200k cycles with no problem. We are also capable of using 3D printed molds for intensive prototyping need. SLA (Stereolithography) 3D printed moulds works together with aluminum fixtures. Aluminum cases adapt and enable SLA printed moulds to work with our injection machines.



Clean room injection molding


• ISO 8 clean room • Bioburden control • GMP • Sterilization service • ETO • Gamma • Packaging and assembly

We continuously improve our team by training and keeping up with up to date clean room manufacturing knowledge. The manufacturing environments are strictly monitored and re-audited consistently to keep up with ISO 8 class. We can always provide verification documents of air purity, pressure, temperature if asked. We closely work with microbiologists to evaluate our conditions and perform bioburden tests, as well as with sterilization service providers to reach higher needs of our customers by means of ETO or gamma sterilization.


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