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Micro materials

  • 10 years of experience

  • Consultation

  • Material selection

  • Engineering grade plastics

  • Vast variety in stock

We do our best to guide our clients across jungle of material choice. We have 10 years of experience to share with you. Material choice is one of the first things to consider when designing new micro part because all main design constraints will continuously will refer to the resin chosen. Please use our materials guide for correct plastic selection.

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Micro design

  • Thin walls ~150µm

  • Edges ~25µm

  • Holes ~50µm

  • Radii ~5µm

Micro part does not have to be microscopic to qualify for micromolding. Controversially, larger parts with micro features are even more complex to mold. We are capable of designing and molding micro features as small as: ​ Thin walls ~150µm Edges ~25µm Holes ~50µm Radii ~5µm

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  • CNC precision machining

  • Precision of microfeatures <5µm

  • Sarix MACHline micro EDM machining

  • Aluminum molds - 2x faster and cheaper

  • Up to 200 cycles - ideal for launches

Extraordinary EDM and CNC precision machining is used to manufacture molds that posses micro features. We are able to reach the precision of <5µm. We use Sarix MACHline micro EDM machining. Making good tool means molding precise and quality parts and this is what we strive for.

  • Failure Modes and Effects Analysis

  • 0-faults and errors

  • ISO class 8 clean room

  • ISO 9001 standard procedures

Quality, assembly, packaging 

Right from DFM stage our engineers use Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) to launch new production batches with 0-faults and errors. Quality checks are done on random parts by using high or low tech. All packaging and assembly is performed in ISO class 8 clean room. Variety of secondary services are provided: quality checking, custom packaging and labeling.

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What is micromolding?


When we speak about moulded plastic parts weighing a fraction of a gram we probably enter micro injection moulding boundaries. To define micro moulding it is good to have in mind that tolerances for microfeatures vary from 50µm to 5µm. There is no surprise that such precision parts are widely used in medical and dental industries - a lot of surgical instruments in these fields are invasive. To mould such micro components complex mould machining tools and methods are required, as well as custom configurations of precision plastic injection machines because for micro parts, shrinkage management is even more sophisticated. On the other hand, precision moulding basic principle is the same as conventional injection moulding - liquified plastic is injected in mould  cavities.


Other applications


Micro-optics and microfluidics are the fields in need for micro plastic parts also. Small optic devices which are minimally invasive surgical tools require high precision plastic parts with micron-level tolerances. Overmoulding and insert moulding is also possible at micro scale. You can find more information about overmoulding and insert moulding here.




Packaging comes as a latter priority when talking about manufacturing. However, when working with such small scale parts it can become first priority as failure in automated packaging can lead to failure of the whole project. Wide range of secondary services might be performed to complete this stage successfully. Here at 'Micromolds' we take this step seriously and ensure smooth production, packaging and shipping to our clients.


Almost any polymer you can find in the world can be used for conventional injection moulding. However, for high precision mouldings special materials might be needed. Please visit our material's page to find out more about choosing right engineering-grade compounds.

Micro tooling - mold machining

Precision parts are made with precision moulds. We design micro parts and their moulds independently and locally right from product idea to G-code and machining. For micro components machining of the mould gets really tiny and the challenges like controlling part shrinkage and managing draft angles makes mould machining much more complex than usual.


However, the distinction line between micro moulding and the so called 'macro' sometimes seems to disappear as larger parts still can fit in micro mould but have high resolution features. At "Micromolds" we define 'micro' as when the part size is less than 1g or/and it has micro features (like microfluidic channels) or/and it has dimensional tolerances from 50µm to 5µm. Currently we are capable to machine with as little as 0.2mm milling cutters, thus achieving minimum inside corner radii of 0.1mm and to maintain +/- 0.005mm tolerance. We are also able to have 5:1 or 10:1 length-to-diammeter ratios. Moreover, for extremely small features we can push forward our maching limits with EDM machining.

What other services might you need?

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Insert Molding

Insert moulding is the process when components (e.g. wires) are encapsulated

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Small Parts Molding

'Micro' is not always 'micro'. If your part can fit in your hand - mold it 2x faster and cheaper with us.

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Medical Injection Molding 

Microfluidics, OEM solutions, clean room 8 molding, sterilization and medical grade plastics.

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