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We specialize in micromolding technology across variety of industries. State of the art services for micron-scale parts - 100% in-house

In combination of CNC milling, Laser and LiGA technologies we machine moulds that shape micro geometries you need.

Micromolding precision parts

Micromolding tool


Molding service that you could get

Explore our recent projects across the industries and see a backstage of true micro molding technology

Plastic robotic hand
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Vincent Systems GmbH

Small-series molding. Sensor plastic housing for a bionic hand

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  • Real engineer guidance

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Optimized part for injection molding
  • Design assistance

  • Shared know-how

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Injection molded part
Injection molded part
Injection molded part
Injection molded part
  • Micro Tooling (LiGA)

  • Resilience

  • 2-5 weeks

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Small Injection Molding mashine
Small Injection Molding mashine

Small Molding Machine

  • Low op. costs

  • High throughput

  • Easy handling

Small injection molds

Micro Molds

  • Precision milling

  • EDM machining

  • Easy modification

laser micro machining.png

Micro Machining

  • Laser ablation

  • Laser Etching (SLE)

  • Electroforming

How Can We Do This?

By combining micromachines, micromolds, lasers and lithography technologies we can offer an excellent balance between quality, speed and costs. This gives us an advantage over other toolmaking and plastic injection molding companies when it comes to micro machining.

Experience the precision

We use Nickel and Silica inserts that are precision machined and installed to our micro moulds.

  • Laser ablation

  • Selective Laser Etching (SLE)

  • Multiphoton polymerization

  • LiGA (Nickel plate inserts)

precision machined insert for micromolding
Plastic micro molding part

Still curious?
(For those who like to read)

What is micro injection molding?

When we talk about molded plastic parts that weigh a fraction of a gram, we're probably pushing the limits of micro-molding, which is many times smaller than mini-molding. To define micro injection molding it is good to keep in mind that the tolerances for micro parts are between 50µm and 5µm. It's no surprise that such precision parts are widely used in the medical and dental industries - many surgical instruments in these fields are invasive.
Molding such micro-parts requires complex tooling and mold-processing methods, as well as bespoke configurations of precision plastic injection machines, because shrinkage management is even more challenging for micro-parts. On the other hand, the basic principle of precision injection molding is the same as in conventional injection molding - liquefied plastic is injected into the injection mold.

Micro materials

  • 10 years of experience

  • advisory

  • selection of materials

  • Engineering grade plastics

  • Large variety in stock

We do our best to guide our customers through the jungle of material selection. We have 10 years of experience to share with you. Material selection is one of the first things to consider when designing a new micro part, as all major design constraints will continually relate to the plastic chosen. Please use our material guide for the right choice of plastic and whether the optimal result can be achieved in plastic injection molding.

Plastic raw materials
Plastic microparts

Micro tooling - Mold machining


Precision parts are made with precision moulds. We design micro parts and their moulds independently and locally right from product idea to G-code and machining. For micro components machining of the mould gets really tiny and the challenges like controlling part shrinkage and managing draft angles makes mould machining much more complex than usual.


However, the distinction line between micro moulding and the so called 'macro' sometimes seems to disappear as larger parts still can fit in micro mould but have high resolution features. At "Micromolds" we define 'micro' as when the part size is less than 1g or/and it has micro features (like microfluidic channels) or/and it has dimensional tolerances from 50µm to 5µm. Currently we are capable to machine with as little as 0.2mm milling cutters, thus achieving minimum inside corner radii of 0.1mm and to maintain +/- 0.05mm tolerance. We are also able to have 5:1 or 10:1 length-to-diammeter ratios. Moreover, for extremely small features we can push forward our machining limits with EDM machining.

Our specialties

Overmolded wires


Insert moulding is the process when components (e.g. wires) are encapsulated

Injection molding of small parts
Small Parts Molding


'Micro' is not always 'micro'. If your part can fit in your hand - mold it 2x faster and cheaper with us.

Medical Injection Molding
Medical Injection Molding 


Microfluidics, OEM solutions, clean room 8 molding, sterilization and medical grade plastics.

Contact an engineer

Nalšios g. 11, LT-14332, Vilnius, Lithuania

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