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Create and prototype with micro injection molding 

We disrupt traditional injection molding with micro-molding technology. We mold small parts 2x faster and 2x cheaper.

Molding service that you could get

Explore our recent projects across the industries and see a backstage of true micro molding technology

Svissinnov plastic tube transparent
Svissinnov plastic tube transparent

Swissinnov Product GmbH

Medical device - plastic test tube prototyping.

1.Upload CAD

Upload CAD file
  • No registration step file

  • Few seconds

2.Get quote

  • Real engineer guidance

  • Transparent pricing

  • 1 hour


Optimized part for injection molding
  • Design assistance

  • Exceptional attention

  • Free of charge


Plastic part
Plastic part
Plastic part
  • Tooling + molding

  • Resilient schedule

  • 2 weeks

5.Get parts

  • Packaging + assembly

  • Shipping

  • 1 day

Kleine Maschinen

Small Machine

  • Low operating costs

  • Easy handling

Kleine Spritzgussformen

Small Molds

  • Fast tooling

  • Easy modification

Aluminum + 3D Druck Spritzgussform

Aluminum + 3D print molds

  • Cheaper tooling

  • Easy machining

How can we do this?

By using small machine and small aluminum molds we can offer outstanding quality to flexibility, speed and cost ratio.

"An average project cost range up to 2500 EUR"

Win at low-volume injection molding

We are bridging prototyping and mass production phases and standing between 3D printing and traditional molding.

Screenshot 2023-10-06 162247.png

1 Design modification free of charge

Need to change some part features? No problem, the first change is on us!

Fast Worldwide Delivery

Through our logistics partners, we deliver faster than local competitors


Next day:


Two day: 

North America, Middle East, South East

One week:

Australia, South America and Africa

Asset 3_2x.png

We utilize space-grade aluminum alloys, manufactured using the melt-spinning process.


This process creates a fine, evenly distributed crystalline structure (± 2 microns), significantly enhancing the strength of aluminum alloys.

Aluminum as Strong as Titanium

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Injeciton molding project management.png

Track Your project Progress Live

Stay Informed, Stay Assured. Never question your project's status.


Find live updates online anytime. Ensuring you're always in the loop and confident in the timely progression of your project. Your peace of mind and project success are our top priorities

Molding Specifications

What kind of parts do we mold?

We have been working in a variety of industries and our plastic moulded components scatter across automotive, electronics, healthcare, furniture and defense industries. Products range from plastic gears to caps and closures, plastic housings for electronics and even reverse engineered injection moulded parts.

What are the specs?

Micromolds CNC machining can maintain +/- 0.001mm tolerance and depending on plastic material specifications injected polymer tolerance can be +/- 0.04mm.

Minimum wall thickness
Depending on a material chosen wall thickness can vary accordingly. Please check out material's page to learn more.

CNC machine parts
smart watch tool and mold making


Where are the molds produced?

We are not some Chinese mold makers - we make high quality aluminum micro moulds locally from product idea to CNC milling and surface finishing. Aluminum injection moulds are faster and cheaper to machine than steel moulds and can sufficiently pass ~200 000 cycles. Our highly skilled mechanical engineers design parts, their moulds and writes CNC code for machining every day. At our local facilities freshly milled aluminium moulds go straightly to moulding machines. This is why automated quoting is even possible.

Contact an engineer

Nalšios g. 11, LT-14332, Vilnius, Lithuania

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