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  • Biodegradable Boule de Ferlette for MyCourant

    We are proud to share that our most recent micro injection molding project has allowed us to put our passions for challenges and sustainability in one place by collaborating with innovation and environmental friendly company. However, as nothing good comes easy, this project brought us to a great challenge which will soon be introduced further. About our client Since 1825, MyCourant is a rope and rope accessories manufacturer located in France. Courant is a vertical living and safety brand name well-known worldwide. This is a family business where the know-how was accumulated through almost 200 years and was conveyed and developed from generation to generation. The innovation lies deep in the roots of this company and this project is not an exception. Main Challenges: Design and Sustainability This time MyCourant team was developing a new “Boule de Ferlette” for recall ropes. It is a ball that is placed in the end of the recall rope for the recovery of false ring fork. This ball is useful during pruning work and can be used even if the rope does not have a splice. In order to have a better picture of how the "Boule de Ferlette" will look like after the process of injection molding, the first 3D printed prototype was created. However, the initial solution of a wooden anchor with a special surface treatment appeared to have serious drawbacks. The surface treatment was mainly used for better wear resistance and brighter colors, but this made the ball a non-ecological product and too simple in its shape. Basically, it did not represent the company as needed as it had not aligned with one of the main values - sustainability. “in order to have reasonable costs, we could not do what we wanted in terms of shape since the machining of a product would be complicated but the worse was that it deteriorated quickly, and we had long production times”, - stated the R&D designer Mr. Laurent Glauser. The new approach: Biodegradability and Design for Manufacturability The new design was based on biomimicry and thus, aligns better with the company’s values. Mr. Laurent has worked hardly on a new design to make the product similar to the acorn and manufacturable. Mr. Laurent has previously stated that: “The product should not get stuck through foliage or branches and therefore should be profiled.” The ball had additional design constrains – the strong construction which would be able to withstand at least 200 Kg and ecological materials used, as Mr. Laurent has stated: “Biodegradability is important since the future is green and ecology is a subject close to our hearts and to our customers”. Low-Volume Manufacturing: Micro Injection Molding Right after the new designs were developed, tests were made on ground with professional users and stress tests were conducted with a test bench on 3D printed models. When stress analysis was passed, Mycourant team contacted Micromolds company for the service of injection molding. Since Micromolds company specializes in low-volume manufacturing and micro injection molding, the “Boule de Ferlette” project was a well targeted RFQ. The quote with moldability analysis was sent through 1 business day and the new issue arose: making the design of a ball compatible with injection molding technology. Challenge No.1 - Undercut Regions The ball had many undercut regions. This might happen with the new projects and sometimes it is worth to remember, that not everything that is visually attractive can be manufactured. The rope that was winded around the ball had to be shifted to avoid undercuts. Micromolds came up with 3 new design solutions. Challenge No. 2 - Sink Marks Since the ball had thick wall regions, there was a considerable risk of material cooling issues which would cause sink marks to achieve better strength. In injection molding, thick walls do not always mean strong walls. Sinking can cause serious problems and can hugely reduce the strength of the part. Engineers and designers had to agree on where exactly and which walls can be thinner as well as what hollowing options were possible to maintain a good appearance of the product. Challenge No. 3 - Mold Modification After the first sample check and tests, MyCourant company came up with a complicated modification in mind. When it comes to modification in injection molding, the possibilities are bounded by the exact location and type of the modification in the mold. Since the tooling process is done by the means of material subtraction – CNC machined, this means that the processes cannot be rewinded. In simple terms - the metal chips cannot be glued back to the mold. So, if the modification takes place in the cavity side, enlarging the wall, for example, may be possible because the mold can still be machined. However, if thicker wall is needed in the core side, this might become impossible, since there might be no material left to machine. In this case, modification happened to not be in favor for the Courant company. Micromolds loves challenges and took risk by trying to do the impossible. It would actually not be possible to put those machined chips back, though machining a little ‘puzzle’ part that could be glued or screwed inside the core side of the mold might seem as a way out. This solution can work in rare cases and is purely dependent on the luck – where the modification takes place. The way around this problem was smooth – the mold was modified and the production was launched. Results: Final Injection Molded Products and Smooth Collaboration The cooperation with MyCourant company was smooth and satisfying. Brilliant and fast communication laid a strong foundation for trust between both companies. Altough the project has had many challenges and has taken a long time to be finished, both parties are equally satisfied with the results. Mr. Laurent’s feedback illustrates this nicely: “We are happy with the result and the quality of the parts obtained, with a biodegradable and compostable material, still young on the market. In addition, Micromolds provided an excellent service and cost-saving advices.”

  • Signed Sponsorship Agreement with Vilnius-Lithuania iGEM 2020 Team

    The iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition) is the largest annual international competition in synthetic biology. Teams from best world universities competes here with their researches and scientifically based projects which solve actual world problems. We are proud to be part of Vilnius-Lithuania iGEM 2020 team helping them out with our mechanical engineering skills and knowledge. The Vilnius-Lithuania iGEM 2020 team project focuses on a critical issue in the food industry and aquaculture - infectious diseases in fish, which in turn wipes off more than $ 6 billion annually in fish farming industry (World Bank, 2014). While Earth resources are scare, the growing human population is leading to a growing demand for them, thus ability to effectively and sustainably produce high levels of food is becoming more an more relevant issue. The presumption of this project is that identified appropriate mechanisms for disease prevention, detection and treatment will greatly reduce production losses caused by these infectious pathogens and will eliminate the use of antibiotics in fish farms. Vilnius-Lithuania iGEM 2020 project consists of three main parts: Early detection of exogenous bacterial diseases by the use of strip test; Treatment based on the action of exolysins; Prevention based on the development of proteins immobilized in alginate beads for vaccination. As it can be easily guest "Micromolds" team will mainly contribute in the first part of this huge project. We are really proud to be part of Vilnius-Lithuania iGEM 2020 team helping to design and manufacture strip testing device to indicate infectious bacteria in fish farms. However, it is not our first time we participate in collaborations with Vilnius University. Our task is to design 3D model of strip test which could be later on manufactured with 3D printing technology FDM. This will be only a prototype to demonstrate the testing procedure on fish farm site. The main design constrains we have discussed for this strip test device are: Material must be suitable for FDM 3D printing; Sample well should have converging form for sample liquid to freely drain inside; The housing should have transparent section for test and control lines indication; Fixation at points of membranes should be minimal not to interfere diffusion; Strip test device should be reusable with one-time use strips; Dimensions: height: 4 mm; length: 70 mm; width: 10 mm. This project is still in process and will be updated. ...

  • 3D Printed Head Frame for Stereotactic Surgery

    Another project another innovation? We are always glad to apply and share our manufacturing knowledge and experience with innovating companies of any kind. Not only companies, though. At MicromoldsTM we take social responsibility seriously and this project proves us not being just talkers but also doers. Neurosurgeries and manufacturing? Together with the students from Vilnius University (VU) and the neurologists of Vilnius University “Santaros” Clinics we have designed and manufactured a head frame which is used as a locator device for fixing stereotactic arc position. Stereotactic arc is a clinical instrument that allows surgeons to detect and apply the desired trajectory for a stereotactic intervention. Stereotactic (or stereotaxic) interventions, theoretically, are supposed to be performed for treatments of any organ system inside a human body. However, these have only been applied in neurosurgeries (performed on brain) so far yet. What is also worth mentioning is that neurology is quite a new discipline as a field of health sciences. Data about the first use of stereotaxic devices on humans were published in 1933. Since then, the tools of neurosurgical operations were being developed and currently stereotaxic intervention treatments may be applicable for various neurological diseases: from Parkinson’s disease to even cancer (for performing stereotaxic radiosurgeries). Ideas born from problems? The main idea of this project, was to propose a new, reliable and comfortable device to position stereotactic arc more precisely. It was born because of the need of solution for the constantly arising arc positioning problem during the surgical interventions while using stereotactic arcs. In fact, during the surgeries, it is highly possible that any unconscious movements of the patient's head might occur and the consequences of these involuntary actions might be tragic. Before the head frame idea came as a solution, someone had always had to hold the head of the patient steadily and upright while the neurologist was trying to screw the arc to the skull bone. The process was extremely inconvenient and risky. Let us offer a solution Our 3D Printed Head Frame now can be used by surgeons to pre-position the stereotactic arc by attaching it to the frame by using pins and screws. Thus, the preparation and process of a surgical intervention have become more convenient and reliable, since the head, frame and arc can be locked together in one immobile system. No assistance would be needed anymore and the positioning error of a stereotactic arc can be minimized. Head stable while head frame sustainable? For frame prototype manufacturing we used PLA (thermoplastic polyester) - plastic suitable for additive manufacturing FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling). PLA is currently one of the mostly used polyesters in 3D printing. This thermoplastic polyester is considered to be a bioplastic material, since it is sourced from renewable resources rather than from fossil fuels. Also, it may be easily recycled (since PLA has an SPI code 7), incinerated in an economical way (with leaving no residuals and producing a significant amount of energy) or composted till ultimate degradation. And these features of PLA are what makes our 3D printed head frame for stereotactic surgery environmental-friendly. We continuously strive to reduce waste and create sustainable solutions in our projects, while designing and producing economical products from as much renewable and recyclable materials as possible. Not to mention that we are manufacturers on demand. Not to mention that all of our plastic injection molding processes as such are being optimized to save resources and minimize plastic waste. Applying our 3D printing experience The main corpus of the head frame was 3D printed. The following processes were drilling the holes for bushings. Holes were used for placing manually controlled actuators to enable custom positioning configurations for different head sizes and forms. Furthermore, the knobs and fixation pads of the actuators were 3D printed. The assembled final prototype can be seen below in the picture. Job worth doing is worth doing together Our team is happy to collaborate with professionals of the healthcare industry. Not only is exchanging ideas exciting and rewarding, but also turning them into reality and practice is as well. We are highly grateful for an opportunity to contribute to the future of the neurosurgeries and to the future of medicine as a whole. We care about innovation because we believe that this is what drives our future and that is why we have contributed to this project. We are always looking forward to work on scientifically based innovations which would help the experts of their fields to do their job more easily and provide more advanced services and products. Eyes on the prize! There is nothing more exciting to us than to put our efforts on creating something new and helping others. Our team is ambition-driven and we are pushing ourselves towards fulfilling our common mission and achieving our future goals every day.

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  • Insert Injection Molding |

    Insert Injection Molding Injection Injection Molding is one of the most famous manufacturing processes that can be further divided into specific categories like overmolding and insert molding . Insert molding alludes to an injection molding process that helps in encapsulating a component, such as an electronic component of a circuit board or cable, into a plastic part. Before the molding process, the component gets loaded into the mold, and then molten plastic is injected into the mold. Once the plastic solidifies, the component in the mold gets lock into the plastic. Usually, thermoplastic resins or polymers, along with low-pressure molding techniques, encapsulate components into plastic packing. Like many other injection molding processes, the application possibilities of insert injection molding are seemingly diverse or somehow endless, from manufacturing simple (couplings, knobs, and filters) to complex (electrical components) parts. Because of the massive array of applications associated with insert molding, a wide range of industries are open to streamlining this process, replacing other conventional modes of injection molding. Apart from this, inserts are of different types, which get used for fastening and locating plastic parts with other assemblies. It is also likely to have variations of different inserts on a single part. Here is a list of the most common insert applications: dowel pins, spring-loaded clips, male thread, female thread, and electrical contacts. Table of Contents: ​ Differences Between Overmolding and Insert Molding: Processes specifics​ Speed of Injection Molding Costs Benefits of Insert Molding: Assembly Cost Reduction​ Material Cost Reduction Flexibility and Reliability Assurance Insert Molding Application across Industries: Medical Industry​ Electronics Aerospace Industry Conclusion Differences Between Overmolding and Insert Molding The general concept of insert molding and overmolding is quite similar ; however, there is a considerable difference between these two processes. Typically, overmolding is a dual-step process in which two separately molded parts get joined to enhance and improve the product's quality and features. Two parts are permanently joined to each other but do not involve complete encapsulation. Let us now understand the difference regarding processes, speed, and cost: 1. Processes Specifics The processes have many similarities but are still not identical. For example, in overmolding, a plastic component gets manufactured using injection molding . After it gets cooled, the component is placed into an overmolding tool and then coated with molten resin or thermoplastic. On the other hand, insert molding uses a pre-formed part , often metal. The part is manually loaded into the mold and overmolded by molten resins or thermoplastics. That is how insert molding offers complete encapsulation of molded parts, and two molded parts get molded simultaneously. 2. Speed of Injection Molding As far as overmolding is concerned, it involves an aluminum mold with no heating or cooling lines running through it. Nonetheless, the cycle time is a bit longer, allowing molders to ascertain the essential quality of parts, cosmetic concerns, and pressure. When all the molded parts get joined, the overmold tooling is assembled to press. Thus, overmolding is more time-consuming than insert molding. At the same time, insert molding is a comparatively faster and quicker process. As two plastic materials get molded simultaneously, the time taken is low. In addition, the process requires less arrangement if compared to overmolding, which also reduces the time. 3. Costs Overmolding is a double-shot process, while insert molding is a single-shot process. Though both techniques are of lower costs, insert molding is a bit cheaper than overmolding. The reason is that it eliminates secondary assembly operations, including gluing, snap fits, screws/fasteners, etc. Benefits of Insert Molding The trend of insert molding is rapidly growing among the manufacturing industries. Wide range of applications, lower costs, and simple process; all these factors add to make the insert molding process convenient for manufacturers. Here are some most familiar benefits of insert molding: 1. Assembly Cost Reduction Insert molding is a highly cost-effective manufacturing process. The foremost reason behind this is that it is a single-shot process only . Therefore, the need for post-molding assembly, which usually happens with the separate metal element, gets eliminated. Similarly, separate parts installation adds in demand for labor, includes motion waste, and requires more production time and additional equipment & functions. But then again, all these arrangements are not more needed in insert molding. Hence, these are the reasons that justify the lower costs of insert molding. 2. Material Cost Reduction As discussed earlier, overmolding is a double-shot process in which the plastic part is molded and then overmolded. That is how the size and the final product's weight are comparatively heavier than the final product achieved due to insert molding. While being a single-shot process, insert molding brings down material costs and makes the material wastage almost negligible. Consequently, like the micro injection molding process, the reduced weight and wastage, smaller size, and lower manufacturing time reduce the costs of the insert molding process. 3. Flexibility and Reliability Assurance Insert molding provides considerable flexibility and reliability assurance . For example: It empowers designers to add features to plastic parts, making them more grounded, sturdier, and more reliable than local plastic areas. It offers improved product design by incorporating features impractical with plastic alone. It is helpful in metal to plastic transition to make parts more proficient – decreased weight, reduced production expenses, and eliminated corrosion. Insert Molding Application across Industries Being cost-effective, faster, reliable, and flexible, insert molding offers many applications across different industries. Along the same lines, here are some of the common industries in which insert molding plays the most influential role: 1. Medical Industry Health and care sector is hugely relying on products manufactured using insert molding process. Ranging from simple devices to intricate and sensitive devices like delivery equipment for stents, sutures, and implants, all medical devices manufacturing is being done using insert molding . Besides, electronic devices with excessive use in the medical industry involve certain parts manufactured using insert molding. The most common products of insert molding include: Medical Knobs. Medical Enclosures. Tubes. Medical equipment component. Prosthetics. Blades and surgical instruments. Dental instruments. 2. Electronics Like other industries, electronics industry is finding the use of insert molding beneficial . Encapsulation of wire plugs and threaded inserts in molded parts are typical examples of insert molding applications in the electronics field. Electronic industries are well-convinced over insert molding instead of working with assemblies and using solders and fasteners. Accordingly, the following are the typical applications of this type of molding in the field of electronics: Digital control panels, assemblies, and knobs for appliances. Threaded fasteners. Encapsulated electrical components and devices. Military equipment. Encapsulated brushings. 3. Aerospace Industry The typical applications of insert molding in the aerospace industry include seating of aircraft, stowage bin latches, handles, lavatories, and user interface switches. The key advantages of insert molding in the aerospace industry include: Decreased weight of aircraft. Increased durability and strength. Elimination of additional and undue assembly and manufacturing steps. Reduced assembly time and manufacturing time. Improved and enhanced industrial design. Conclusion Insert molding is one of the influential and famously adopted molding methods. The reliance of diverse industries over the manufacturing of specified products massively belongs to this manufacturing process. Typically, overmolding and insert molding are commonly considered identical processes; however, there is a clear difference between them, as mentioned above. As far as the global market size is concerned, according to the verified market research, the global insert molding machine market is growing substantially, and the market would significantly expand from 2019 to 2026. In short, insert molding holds a better capacity to fill up the modern needs of industries, which is the very reason for expanding its use. Table of Contents: ​ Differences Between Overmolding and Insert Molding: Processes specifics​ Speed of Injection Molding Costs Benefits of Insert Molding: Assembly Cost Reduction​ Material Cost Reduction Flexibility and Reliability Assurance Insert Molding Application across Industries: Medical Industry​ Electronics Aerospace Industry Conclusion Back to Top Explore our services: ​ Insert Molding Insert moulding is the process when components (e.g. wires) are encapsulated ​ READ MORE Small Parts Molding 'Micro' is not always 'micro'. If your part can fit in your hand - mold it 2x faster and cheaper with us. ​ READ MORE Micromolding Micromolding begins when microfeatures take place and vary from 100µm to 5µm in size. READ MORE Medical Injection Molding Microfluidics, OEM solutions, clean room 8 molding, sterilization and medical grade plastics. READ MORE READ MORE READ MORE

  • Legal Notices | Micro Injection

    Legal Notices The information and any materials available on or from this website are protected by European Union and international copyright laws and are the copyrighted works of UAB Technoprojektai . Any unauthorised use, copying, redistribution, reproduction, publication or modification of that information or materials may violate Trade mark law of the European Union or international trademark laws, or international copyright laws and may subject such a violator to a legal action. ​ Micromolds™ , are filed to register for the trademark of UAB Technoprojektai . The absence of a brand or product name or logo does not constitute a waiver of any Micromolds™ trademark or other intellectual property right concerning that name or logo. ​ Nothing contained on the website should be construed as granting, by implication, any license or right to use any Trademark displayed on the website without the written permission of UAB Technoprojektai . ​ Revised September 2020 Conditions of Use Welcome to the Micromolds website. The Website is operated by UAB Technoprojektai . ("Technoprojektai", "we", or "us"), located at Lentvario 16, Vilnius, LT-02300, Lithuania. ​ SERVICES Through the Website, you can obtain information about our provided services and request a quotation. Your access to and use of the Website and the Services are subject to the following terms and conditions ("Terms and Conditions") and all applicable laws. 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In order to collect the information including personal data as described in this Notice, we may use cookies and similar technology on our website. A cookie is a small piece of information which is sent to your browser and stored on your computer’s hard drive, mobile phone or other device. Cookies can be first party, i.e. cookies that the website you are visiting places on your device, or third party cookies, i.e. cookies placed on your device through the website but by third parties, such as, Google. For more information please visit . ​ For example, we may use the following cookies on our website: ​ Strictly necessary cookies . These cookies are essential in order to enable you to move around our website and use its features. Without these cookies, Services you have asked for cannot be provided. They are deleted when you close the browser. These are first party cookies. Performance cookies . These cookies collect information in an anonymous form about how visitors use our website. 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These scenarios include disclosure to: ​ ​ our suppliers and service providers to facilitate the provision of the Services, including webhosting, identity verification (in order to verify your identity against public databases), customer services, job application portal, payment platform, analytics, consultants, for example, in order to protect the security or integrity of our business, including our databases and systems and for business continuity reasons; subject to appropriate legal basis such as consent, our advertising and marketing partners who enable us, for example, to deliver personalised ads to your devices or who may contact you by post, email, telephone, SMS or by other means; payer, such as your employer or principal, who pays for our products and services; successor or partner legal entities, on a temporary or permanent basis, for the purposes of a joint venture, collaboration, financing, sale, merger, reorganisation, change of legal form, dissolution or similar event relating to our business. In the case of a merger or sale, your personal data will be permanently transferred to a successor company; public authorities where we are required by law to do so; and other third parties where you have provided your consent. ​ ​ International transfer of your personal data If we transfer personal data to private organisations abroad, such as our suppliers and service providers, we will, as required by applicable law, ensure that your privacy rights are adequately protected by appropriate technical, organisation, contractual or other lawful means, such as standard contractual clauses . You may contact us for a copy of such safeguards in these circumstances. ​ Retention of personal data We retain personal data for as long as is necessary for the purposes listed above or longer as may be required by the law. Please contact us for further details of applicable retention periods. ​ We may keep an anonymized form of your personal data, which will no longer refer to you, for statistical purposes without time limits, to the extent that we have a legitimate and lawful interest in doing so. ​ Security of personal data We will use appropriate technical and organisational information security measures to try to prevent unauthorised access to your personal data. Some of these measures include encryption software, firewalls, and use of Secure Socket Layers (SSL) protocols. ​ However, please be aware that the transmission of information via the internet is never completely secure. Whilst we can do our best to keep our own systems secure, we cannot control the whole of the internet and we cannot therefore guarantee the security of your information as it is transmitted to and from our website. ​ Data subject rights For further information about your data protection rights please visit The European Data Protection Board (EDPB) website . Data subjects may have numerous rights in relation to their personal data: ​ Right to make a subject access request (SAR). Data subjects may request in writing copies of their personal data. However, compliance with such requests is subject to certain limitations and exemptions and the rights of other individuals. Each request should make clear that a SAR is being made. You may also be required to submit a proof of your identity and any payment permitted by law, where applicable. Right to rectification. Data subjects may request that we rectify any inaccurate or incomplete personal data. Right to withdraw consent. Data subjects may at any time withdraw their consent to the processing of their personal data carried out by us on the basis of their previous consent. Such withdrawal will not affect the lawfulness of processing based on such previous consent. Right to object to processing including automated processing and profiling. Profiling may be carried out for business administration purposes, such as monitoring trends in User visits of our website and in order to deliver relevant ads to Users’ devices. We will comply with valid objection requests unless we have a compelling overriding legitimate ground for the continuation of our processing or we have another lawful reason to refuse such request. We will comply with each valid opt-out or similar request in relation to marketing communications. Right to erasure. Data subjects may request that we erase their personal data. We will comply, unless there is a lawful reason for not doing so. For example, there may be an overriding legitimate ground for keeping the personal data, such as, our business record retention obligations that we have to comply with at law. We will restrict our processing of personal data when dealing with data subject requests in various circumstances, unless there is a lawful reason for not doing so, such as, a legal obligation to continue processing of your personal data in a certain way. Right to data portability. In certain circumstances, data subjects may request the controller to provide a copy of their personal data in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and have it transferred to another provider of the same or similar services. We do not consider that this right applies to our Services. However, to the extent it does, we will comply with such transfer request. Please note that a transfer to another provider does not imply erasure of the data subject’s personal data which may still be retained for legitimate and lawful purposes. Right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority. We suggest that data subjects contact us about any questions or complaints in relation to how we process their personal data. However, each data subject has the right to contact the relevant supervisory authority directly. A list of supervisory authorities is available here . ​ ​ Third party sites Third party policies for related services and offerings (such as YouTube and Facebook) linked to or from our Services have their own privacy statements that can be viewed by clicking on the corresponding links within each respective website. Since we do not have control over the policies or practices of participating merchants and other third parties, we are not responsible for the privacy practices or contents of those sites. We recommend you review their policies before you provide any personal data or complete any transaction with them. ​ Revised September 2020 Terms and Condition of Sale As used herein, “Seller” means UAB Technoprojektai (company code: 303176864; VAT No. LT100008148310), a Lithuanian privately held company with headquarters located at Lentvario 16, Vilnius, LT-02300, Lithuania. Technoprojektai provides a Quote for the Buyer’s part(s) based on a 3D CAD model submitted by Buyer to Seller. Any change to the 3D CAD model requires an updated Quote. Quotes are valid for 30 days, after which pricing may change without notice. Seller reserves the right to correct clerical and other typographical errors in any quotation. ​ These Terms and Conditions of Sale, together with a valid Quote provided by Seller, form a legally binding agreement (the “Agreement”) and contain the entire agreement and understanding between Buyer and Seller for the goods and services provided by Seller and supersede any and all other agreements, representations, arrangements and understandings of the parties relating to its subject matter, whether oral or in writing. Each party acknowledges and agrees that it does not rely on, and shall have no remedy in respect of, any promise, assurance, undertaking, representation or statement made (whether innocently or negligently) by any other party or any other person except as expressly set out in this Agreement, in respect of which its sole remedy shall be for breach of contract. These Terms and Conditions of Sale shall be deemed to have been accepted when the Seller accepts a Quote or issues a purchase order or other writing expressing the Buyer’s intent to proceed with the Agreement in response to Seller’s Quote. This Agreement will govern any orders Seller accepts from Buyer and/or Buyer’s authorized purchasers based on the Quote provided to Buyer. The terms and conditions contained herein shall be the only terms that shall govern the purchase and sale of the goods and services between Buyer and Seller, and no other terms and conditions shall apply and are hereby expressly excluded, including, without limitation, any terms contained in a request for quotation, purchase order, website, or elsewhere. The only additional terms in a request for quotation, purchase order, website or other writing that shall apply, if accepted by Seller, shall be terms regarding the description, price, quantity, and shipping destination for goods produced, and any and all other terms and conditions shall be excluded and deemed inapplicable. After Seller accepts an order, Buyer is responsible for any delivery delays or charges, in addition to the original price, due to a Buyer requested change that is agreed to in writing by Seller. If Seller is unable to accept Buyer’s order it will inform Buyer in writing and will not charge Buyer for the goods. This may be because of unexpected limits on Seller’s resources which Seller could not reasonably plan for or because Seller is unable to meet a delivery deadline specified by Buyer. Changes to the Goods by Buyer If Buyer wishes to make a change to the goods Buyer has ordered please contact Seller. Seller will let buyer know if the change is possible. If it is possible Seller will let Buyer know about any changes to the price of the goods, the timing of supply or anything else which would be necessary as a result of Buyer’s requested change and ask Buyer to confirm whether Buyer wishes to go ahead with the change. If Seller cannot make the change or the consequences of making the change are unacceptable to Buyer, Buyer may terminate an order in accordance with the ‘Termination for Convenience’ section below. Changes to the Goods by Seller Seller may change the goods to reflect changes in relevant laws and regulatory requirements and/or to implement minor technical adjustments and improvements. Seller may also make any changes agreed in advance as set out in the Quote. If Seller makes any other changes, Seller will notify the Buyer and Buyer may then contact Seller to end the contract before the changes take effect and receive a refund for any goods paid for but not received. Termination for Convenience Buyer may terminate an order in whole or in part at any time by written notice to effective upon receipt by Seller. In the event of termination, Seller reserves the right to invoice Buyer for all goods produced or services performed prior to receipt of notice of termination as well as for any materials, including resin purchased to make Buyer’s parts which Seller is unable to return. This section shall not limit or affect the Buyer’s right to cancel this order for breach by Seller. Technoprojektai manufactures the goods ordered by the Buyer individually according to the Buyer’s individual specifications and therefore the Buyer has no statutory right of cancellation under consumer protection legislation. Termination by Seller Seller may terminate this Agreement in whole or in part at any time by written notice to Buyer if (a) Buyer does not make any payment when it is due and such payment remains outstanding for more than 30 days after Buyer’s notice to Seller; (b) Buyer does not, within a reasonable period of time, provide Seller with information that is necessary for Seller to provide the products; or (c) Buyer does not, within a reasonable time, allow Seller to deliver the products to Buyer or collect them from Seller. Delivery; Quantity; Title Goods will be delivered as soon as reasonably possible in accordance with the estimated delivery date set out in the Quote. Seller reserves the right to limit quantities at any time. Partial shipments may be delivered to Buyer where this is agreed in a Quote. All parts are shipped FCA (Incoterms 2010) at Seller’s facilities. Title passes to the Buyer at the time and place of delivery to the carrier. Price and Terms of Payment All prices are quoted and payments shall be made in Euro and are exclusive of freight, shipping, special packaging or handling, duties, and unless specifically stated, Value Added Tax or any other sales, excise, or use taxes arising in connection with this transaction (other than taxes based solely on Seller’s taxable income). No discounts are authorized. Payment may be made by any international money transfer via Beneficiary’s account held payment service provider’s institution, or a form of prepayment acceptable to Seller. Upon transfer approval, goods or services may be invoiced and all sums are due and payable net-30 from the date of the invoice. To the extent Buyer desires Seller to present invoices or other information electronically via Buyer’s or a third party’s electronic payment website, any costs associated with such access will be borne by Buyer. Nonconforming Goods Buyer shall inspect all goods upon delivery by Seller, and should any of the goods be nonconforming goods, Buyer must notify Seller, in writing, within ninety (30) days of delivery of the goods describing the nature of any nonconformity. Seller shall have the right and option to repair or replace any nonconforming goods. Seller shall not have any obligation to repair, replace or otherwise compensate Buyer for nonconforming goods if Buyer fails to notify Seller in writing that goods are nonconforming within ninety (30) days of Seller’s delivery of the goods. Warranties Seller assumes no responsibility for the design of the goods that are the subject of this transaction. To the extent Seller’s personnel recommend design modifications or provide design analysis, simulation or advice, they do so only to help meet the requirements of Seller’s own manufacturing process. The Buyer retains sole legal responsibility for the design specifications and performance of the goods that are the subject of this transaction. Buyer is solely responsible for ensuring the goods and services purchased from Seller meet applicable regulatory requirements. The Buyer represents and warrants to Seller that no information furnished or to be furnished by the Buyer to Seller constitutes information classified by the local laws as confidential, secret or top secret or similar designation. Except as expressly set out in this Agreement, all warranties, terms, conditions and undertakings, express or implied are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law, including but not limited to any warranty of satisfactory quality, fitness for purpose or non-infringement. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Seller assumes no responsibility or liability for the selection of any materials for the goods that are the subject of this transaction. The Buyer is solely responsible for ensuring that materials selected for goods to be manufactured by Seller meet any applicable regulatory requirements or specifications including but not limited to Directive -2011/65/EU on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS Directive) together with any national legislation implementing such Directive, ISO, FDA, UL, CSA, CE, TUV, FCC, NSF, and USP. Any statements made by Seller personnel or specifications provided by Seller regarding materials should be verified by the Buyer with the manufacturer of that material. Indemnification Buyer agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Seller (and its employees, representatives and agents) from and against all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, penalties, fines and sanctions of any kind (including, without limitation, interest, attorneys’ fees and expenses penalties or any other governmental sanctions of any kind) resulting from or arising out of a breach of any provision of this Agreement or any third party claim for infringement of intellectual property rights, including patent rights, trademarks, copyrights or misuse of trade secrets or confidential information. Force Majeure Seller shall not be liable for any failure to perform or delay in performance under this Agreement if such failure or delay is caused by acts of God, fire, storm, strikes, blackouts, labour difficulties, riots, inability to obtain materials, equipment, labour or transportation, governmental restrictions, biologic crisis and pandemics or any other event beyond Seller’s reasonable control. In the event of any shortage of raw materials or other supplies, Seller may allocate materials and supplies among its buyers in such manner as Seller may determine in its sole discretion, and shall have no liability to the Buyer on account of any delay or cancellation on account thereof. Tooling Due to the proprietary nature of Seller’s process, all Tooling is proprietary and is generally not compatible with or transferable to other equipment. Notwithstanding any tooling or engineering charges imposed by Seller, all such Tooling shall be and remain the property of Seller. However, Seller shall not use Custom Tooling in the production of goods for any other buyer of Seller without the Buyer’s express permission. As used in this Agreement, “Tooling” means all Seller proprietary software, processes, procedures, and tooling developed by Seller, for the quoting, analysis, design, automation, and manufacturing of machined parts, injection moulds, injection moulded parts, and 3D printed parts and “Custom Tooling” means tooling, molds, or fixturing developed specifically for the Buyer and for which the Buyer is separately charged by Seller. Seller’s tooling storage policy is such that after a three-year period of inactivity on the Custom Tooling, Seller may destroy the Custom Tooling, in its discretion. Text, Illustrations, and Software Files Provided by Seller All intellectual property rights to text, illustrations, software files and other materials (“Seller Materials”) provided by Seller to Buyer are retained by Seller. Buyer will not, without prior written approval of Seller (which may be withheld for any reason), remove any of Seller’s markings or change in any way the Materials. Text, Illustrations, and Software Files Provided by Buyer Copyright in files, all text, illustrations, software files and other materials (“Buyer Materials”) provided by Buyer to Seller and with the exception of Tooling or Custom Tooling as defined above, any deliverables, designs, or works of authorship in any form, including modifications or derivative works thereof, that may be created or produced for Buyer during the course of Seller’s performance of services shall be deemed the sole property of Buyer and all right, title and interest therein shall be held solely by Buyer. Confidentiality “Confidential Information” means any information that Buyer discloses to the Seller that is proprietary to the Buyer and not generally known to the public. The Seller will not use any Confidential Information for any purpose except for the purposes of carrying out its obligations pursuant to this Agreement. The Seller will use the same degree of care (but no less than a reasonable degree of care) to protect the secrecy of and avoid disclosure and unauthorized use of the Confidential Information as the Seller employs with respect to its own confidential and proprietary information. Upon Buyer’s written request, the Seller will destroy all documents containing or representing Confidential Information and all copies thereof, and erase any such Confidential Information from the Seller’s computer systems except electronic copies that are electronically archived and not readily accessible. If requested by Buyer, Seller will provide written confirmation of such return or destruction and erasure to Buyer. Prohibited Purposes Buyer warrants that the goods that are the subject of this transaction will not be implanted in a human body and are not subject to inspection by any regulatory authorities, including. Buyer certifies that its designs (e.g., 3D CAD models) submitted to Seller and the manufacture and delivery of goods according to the Buyer’s design will not yield goods that are in violation of any local firearms laws. Limitation of liability In no event shall Seller be liable, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty or otherwise for any loss of profit or any indirect or consequential loss of any kind. Buyer acknowledges that the estimated and actual fees and charges paid for the services reflect this limitation of liability and allocation of risk. The total aggregate liability of Seller or its suppliers to Buyer under this agreement shall in no event exceed the total sums paid by buyer to Seller for the order giving rise the liability. Data Protection The Seller will use the personal information provided by the Buyer: ​ to supply the products to the Buyer; to process the Buyer’s payment; and if agreed with the Buyer during the order process, to give the Buyer information about similar products. This may be stopped at any time by the Buyer contacting the Seller at . Miscellaneous. If any provision or part-provision of this Agreement is or becomes invalid, illegal or unenforceable, it shall be deemed modified to the minimum extent necessary to make it valid, legal and enforceable. If such modification is not possible, the relevant provision or part-provision shall be deemed deleted. Any modification to or deletion of a provision or part-provision under this section shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the rest of this Agreement. The Agreement and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with it or its subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the local law of Lithuania. English Language All documents, notices and legal proceedings executed, given or instituted pursuant to or relating directly hereto shall be in the English language, and the meaning of all words and phrases of this offer shall be defined, construed and interpreted in the English language. Revised September 2020 Quality Policy Our commitment to quality enables our mission to meet our customers' needs for quality prototypes and on-demand manufactured parts at unprecedented speeds. ​ Micromolds is committed to: ​ Delivering quality parts on time Meeting or exceeding our commitments to our customers Meeting applicable and regulatory requirements Continually improving our processes, products and services Developing and maintaining the skills of our employees ​ Revised September 2020

  • On-demand Injection Moulding | Europe |

    Create and prototype with micro injection molding GET A QUOTE We disrupt traditional injection molding with micro-molding technology. We mold small parts 2x faster and 2x cheaper. Does your part fit in your hand? in Ø 100mm sphere and is up to 20cc volume, Are you starting up? ...planning to produce <200k pcs in prototyping , or launch phases, ​ Ø =100mm V=20cc Prototyping Launch Production Decline Others 10k 5 0k 200k 1000k Mass production 0.1 k YES - CONTINUE Add up - it's 2x better alternative: + ​ 0.3x small part = small machine = low operating expenses + ​ 0.3x small molds = fewer mold cavities + ​ 0.2x shorter runner system = less waste + ​ 0.6x aluminum molds = cheap and fast machining + ​ 0.6x aluminum molds = easy and flexible modification 2x Faster and cheaper injection molding service READ MORE ABOUT THIS We use a small "Babyplast" Machine READ MORE Mold that can fit in your palm - a unique way to prototype READ MORE We use aluminum for easy and flexible machining READ MORE Ready to start? Analysis 1 day Optimization 1-4 weeks Get quote or call from our engineer Once an order is placed manufacturing begins Manufacturing 2-4 weeks DFM anlysis Place an order Shipping parts Parts are shipped UPLOAD CAD FILE Upload CAD file or describe your idea GET STARTED Still looking for answers? What kind of parts do we mold? ​ We have been working in a variety of industries and our plastic moulded components scatter across automotive, electronics, healthcare, furniture and defense industries. Products range from plastic gears to caps and closures, plastic housings for electronics and even reverse engineered injection moulded parts. ​ What are the specs? ​ Tolerances Micromolds CNC machining can maintain +/- 0.03mm tolerance and depending on plastic material specifications injected polymer tolerance can be +/- 0.04mm. ​ Surface finish We can use EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) with multiple passes and in combination with other tools to reach mirror-like surface or almost any other customer requires. ​ Minimum wall thickness Depending on a material chosen wall thickness can vary accordingly. Please check out material's page to learn more. ​ ​ Hot or cold runner? ​ Here at Micromolds we use Babyplast 6/12 injection moulding machines with a wide spectrum of configurations. Thus, there is no difference for us working with hot runner moulded parts or cold runner moulds. Learn more which runners, hot or cold, are best for your project here. ​ What is the cost of injection moulded part? ​ Tooling and manufacturing costs for injection moulded parts are not so easily determined and requires careful part analysis and several input variables from customer. Thus quoting process can seem as a huge time waster, especially when dealing with several sub-contractors. This is why we believe in industry digitalization and encourage our customers to use cost transparent contracting service - our automated online quoting, where you can instantly check out costs, and compare them with different batches, surface finishes, materials or other sub-contractors' quotes. ​ Where are the molds produced? ​ We are not some Chinese mold makers - we make high quality aluminum micro moulds locally from product idea to CNC milling and surface finishing. Aluminum injection moulds are faster and cheaper to machine than steel moulds and can sufficiently pass ~200 000 cycles. Our highly skilled mechanical engineers design parts, their moulds and writes CNC code for machining every day. At our local facilities freshly milled aluminium moulds go straightly to moulding machines. This is why automated quoting is even possible. ​ ​ ​ ​ ASK A QUESTION What other service may you need? Insert Molding Insert moulding is the process when components (e.g. wires) are encapsulated ​ READ MORE Micromolding Micromolding begins when microfeatures take place and vary from 100µm to 5µm in size. ​ READ MORE Medical Injection Molding Microfluidics, OEM solutions, clean room 8 molding, sterilization and medical grade plastics. READ MORE Success across our projects '' Great services with quick response time. Jonas is not afraid of innovative solutions which is a great asset when trying to make high quality products! '' '' Great work! Jonas with his team helped us directly while developing a new hardware product. Our demands were understood and delivered as our mechanical engineers imagined. '' Contact an engineer Tel: +370 634 44885 Lentvario str. 16, Vilnius, Lithuania, 02300

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