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Laser & Engineering technologies cluster (LITEK) meets Micromolds

Laser & Engineering technologies cluster LITEK was established in 2010 but cooperation between science and SMEs continues for more than 20 years already. It all started when manufacturers of laser systems in cooperation with scientific institutions began to develop unique products in the field of photonics.

Companies of LITEK together with scientific institutions understood that combining different areas of knowledge, close cooperation, interdisciplinary (in photonics and engineering fields) sharing ideas and convenient business environment are one of the main reasons for more efficient business operations and growing results. That’s how companies and scientific institutions got together in a cluster – LITEK.

Being a part of the cluster allows its members not to compete with each other but by combining resources and knowledge direct all the energy for the competition in international markets and easier enter new ones.

We had an opportunity to spread the word about plastic micro injection molding for the Laser & Engineering technologies cluster (LITEK) member companies. Our CEO Dominykas Turčinskas presented our capabilities and explained the main differences of micro injection molding and traditional molding.


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