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Rapid Injection Molding

Sub-contracting micromolding company may be very beneficial for companies which are creators and innovators capturing every oppurtunity occuring in the market. Supply chain and manufacturing processes must be very fast and responsive when custom-made products are needed. Not to mention high competition emerging from smaller startup companies which can be faster and more flexible when adapting to the market conditions. Shorter and shorter product life cycles where rapid prototyping is key in saturated markets plays a major role too.


To remain resilient and responsive companies sub-contract firms like ours - digital manufacturers - who are able to lessen the risks occurring from changes in the market by rapidly supplying missing manufactured product components.

Rapid injection molding

Speed is everything in today's manufacturing world. And this is what we can do. Thanks to digitization we are able to reduce time to market by 2 times. We eliminate worthless and time-consuming email communication to get quotations. It can take weeks to agree on terms and design requirements, especially when dealing with several potential contractors. Digital manufacturing is all about speed - sent CAD drawings can be automatically evaluated by intelligent software: recommendations and optimization for manufacturability are sent back in hours with preliminary cost of tooling estimations. Later on same CAD optimized drawings can be sent straight to CNC machines and production starts almost without human intervention.

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