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Injection Molded Kitchen Cabin Spacer

"Reform" is a Danish modern furniture company designing and manufacturing smart carpentry kitchens. Most of their production is custom-made and sold worldwide in more than 30 countries. The word 'custom' immediately implies that low-volume and fast manufacturing may be the key to a successful work flow. To react fast to the market needs and remain resilient manufacturing partner may be the perfect solution. ''Reform'' and ''Micromolds'' partnership has lessen the risks occurring from changes in the market by supplying on-demand made plastic kitchen cabin spacers.

The Design

Micro injection moulds and plastic moulded parts

In this case we were able to deliver first batch of spacers in 2 weeks. We used CNC machine for milling aluminium moulds for injection molding. EDM was used for surface finish and logo engraving in the mold. For spacer's manufacturing we used ABS thermoplastic material.

Aluminium Micro Mould with Cavities
Aluminium Micro Mould with Cavities and Logo
Aluminium Micro Mould and Moulded Plastic Parts
Aluminium Micro Mould and Moulded Spacer


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