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"Allergomedica" Uses Moulded Plastic Cases to Enable Health Tests Kits at Home

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Injection molded plastic case for blood sample transportation

The Allergomedica (UAB Imunodiagnostika) clinic is an innovative place where not only comprehensive and professional help can be provided for the patients but also novel health monitoring solutions are developed. The clinic specializes exclusively in the diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases. Allergists and clinical immunologists, laboratory specialists, and researchers work together to address each patient’s individual problem.

Knowledge about allergic diseases and their diagnosis is constantly changing. New and new ways of treatment and diagnosis are emerging, so the highest quality care can be provided to the patient only by specialists who are constantly improving in this field.

Health Tests at Home

One of the newest innovative initiative of the clinic was to provide patients an opportunity to perform health tests at home with the use of simple blood test kits which can be shipped from home to the clinic for research. To develop such kits Allergomedica has chosen Micromolds as a design and manufacturing partner.

The kit hardware consisted of a plastic stick to collect the test samples and the plastic case where the stick would be safely located for the transportation. It required a close teamwork of the clinic medical specialists and Micromolds engineers to design and make the first prototypes of the plastic hardware.

The SLS printed prototypes

For the first prototypes we used 3D SLS printing technology just to get the feel and look of the plastic case and the stick inside of it. Also, we had to check the assembly and fit of the assembled parts. It was also, necessary to assure a good snap fit of the closing parts of the case.

Aluminum Micro Molds for Low-volume Production

When the prototype versions were confirmed for further manufacturing we had to make a transition to the tooling and moulding of the first batch. For the tools, as almost always, we used aluminium and EDM machining to achieve desired surface finish of the final plastic cases.

The results

The plastic cases were delivered on time and in a good quality. We have many more projects to come with this innovative clinic and we take this as a proof of our good work.


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