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Micromolds becomes member of Cluster of Manufacturing Innovators (CoMI)

During the meeting cluster members discussed on the cluster future strategy 2022-2024. The meeting agenda: goal of the cluster, value creation chains, funding options, financial planning, strategy tracking and control. As the main goal of the cluster it was agreed that CoMI members will seek a leadership in resilient and adaptive manufacturing which is compliant of ManuFUTURE 2030 strategy. In the long term the cluster will be integrated in EIT manufacturing ecosystem and other DIH networks and in this way cluster will assure its internationality and competitiveness across the Europe.

According to Mr. G. Vilda (the head of cluster coordinating company), production has long gone beyond the boundaries of factories and is related to network and dynamic value creation systems that can be organized in multiple ways. Aligning and adapting different value creation systems to specific needs and key conditions contributes to building a sustainable and resilient European manufacturing ecosystem in a dynamically changing and uncertain world.

The cluster was established in 2020. Its main goal is to unite companies of different sizes, the academic community, associations and other organizations into a club of leaders in manufacturing innovation. Cluster members seek to:

  • increase horizontal and vertical integration between manufacturing industries;

  • pursue the transformation of industry into a high- and medium-high-tech industry through the development and deployment of digital and green technologies;

  • increase the production and export of high value-added products;

  • create preconditions for increasing the international competitiveness of the cluster members and the entire manufacturing sector of the country.

The innovative manufacturing cluster aims to become an international cluster and offer more opportunities for the international development and activities of its members.

The main activities of the Cluster are as follows:

  • Development of general R&D infrastructure

  • International networking and partner search

  • Construction project funding, search for funding

  • Initiation of cluster projects

  • Representing the interests of members at national and international level

  • General employee competence development events

  • Co-marketing projects

  • Development, publicity and popularization of policy guidelines for the promotion of innovation in manufacturing

  • Production digitization projects

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