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Mould tool design - aluminium


We are mold manufacturers

We are not some chinese mold makers - we make high quality aluminium micro moulds locally from product idea to CNC milling and surface finishing. Aluminum injection moulds are faster and cheaper to machine 20-40% than steel moulds respectively and can sufficiently pass ~100 000 cycles. As a molding supplier we also take into account your branding opportunities and offer in-mould labeling and wide range of surface finish options.

Moulding tool design requires expert-level mechanical engineering knowledge which "Micromolds" team rest assured have and is ready to help on your next projects. Whether you are in an idea stage or have you part's primary design we will assist you through whole injection mold design process or will design moulding die in a CAD format ready for machining.

aluminum micro molds
SLA 3D printed moulds

Rapid tooling (Aluminum + 3D printed)

Rapid tool and mould design can be achieved when whole contract manufacturing process is highly efficient. It means that on every stage while making an order valuable customer's time is used at its most and errors are foreseen as early as possible. Starting with online fast-line quoting process and ending with aluminum moulds shipping we believe that we have refined the whole process and can deliver projects in less than 2 weeks.

Duration of making injection moulding die is one of the main considerations when talking about rapid tooling. Thus we have chosen aluminum moulds which can be machined significantly faster than steel dies. Also, we offer SLA (Stereolithography) 3D printed moulds with aluminum fixtures. Aluminum cases adapt and enable SLA printed moulds to work with our injection machines.

Micro moulds

For micro components machining of the mould gets really tiny and the challenges like controlling part shrinkage and managing draft angles makes mould machining much more complex than usual. However, the distinction line between micro moulding and the so called 'macro' sometimes seems to disappear as larger parts still can fit in micro mould but have high resolution features. At "Micromolds" we define 'micro' as when the part size is less than 1g or/and it has micro features (like microfluidic channels) or/and it has dimensional tolerances from 50µm to 5µm. Currently we are capable to machine with as little as 0.2mm milling cutters, thus achieving minimum inside corner radii of 0.1mm and to maintain +/- 0.005mm tolerance. We are also able to have 5:1 or 10:1 length-to-diammeter ratios. Moreover, for extremely small features we can push forward our maching limits with EDM.

Micro moulds
micro injection mould and plastic parts

Part design

Before making injection molds plastic part design is crucial. We have wide experience in working with not only injection moulding projects and thus we are confident that we can help out to make your idea reality. Even if you have your 3D part design we will perform DFM and mouldability analysis to optimize topology and shape of your part for efficient injection moulding production.

What's more

We understand that on demand manufacturing requires as much resilience as speed in todays fast moving industries. Thus we offer trouble-free injection mould modifications. Also, if you are looking moulds for sale we offer export injection mould and can ship worldwide. We freely agree that customer owns the mould if demanded so and we provide it with lifetime warranty.

Rapid tooling
Micro moulds
Part design

Make your mould now!





To start just upload CAD file of your part

In few hours DFM and prcing is performed

Once an order is placed manufacturing begins

Parts are shipped in 1-2 weeks

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