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By implementing micro design guidelines and best practices, we ensure functionality while minimizing component size. Our primary focus is on making your project manufacturable.

Micro design 
Precise micro-sized components 


Micro design

Simulating the micro parts 

Utilizing industry-leading simulation tools and practices, we optimize designs to enhance manufacturability. Simulation not only facilitates testing but also helps identify potential challenges early in the micro design and micromolding process.

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Materials - selecting the correct one

We guide your team in choosing the ideal material for your component. The right selection impacts performance, durability, aesthetics, cost-effectiveness, and manufacturability, ensuring the product meets specifications and excels in its environment. Micro-sized parts require unique expertise.


By merging our expertise in micro-scale product design with our manufacturing experience, we can optimize your designs and guide your team on the best design practices


The design optimization stage is crucial for determining the overall success of a project and offers the greatest potential for monetary savings.

Micro design optimisation for manufacturing 

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We streamline your product design for efficient assembly, reducing complexity and costs.

Design for Assembly (DfA)
Design for Manufacturing (DfM)

We assist in refining products for simple, cost-effective manufacturing.

Design for Excellence (DfX)

We help enhance your product's quality, functionality, and lifecycle value.

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