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We employ a variety of techniques to create precise micro-sized components. These methods not only reduce material waste but also enhance efficiency and quality

  • CNC Micro milling

  • Micro drilling

  • Micro turning

  • EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) 

  • Laser-based microtooling processes

precision parts

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Space-grade aluminum and steel

We utilize high-quality materials, including space-grade aluminum and steel, to ensure durability and precision in our mold components

  • alloy 545

  • alloy 5698

  • alloy 4535


We control tolerances at every point of microtooling

When it comes to microtooling, we take meticulous measures to minimize imperfections in tolerances.


  • Monitor the lifespan of every drill bit

  • Implement temperature control systems throughout our facilities

  • Employ professionally trained machining experts. These experts leverage their expertise during the mold manufacturing process to ensure the highest level of precision

  • CNC with tool sizes as small as 0.1mm and utilizing both 5-axis and 3-axis machines

  • EDM 

  • Micro drilling 

  • Micro turning

  • Laser-based microtooling processes - laser eching

Multiple micromachining techniques

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Polishing mold surfaces using both electropolishing and traditional polishing techniques

Creating diverse surface finishes through sandblasting and EDM processes

Laser etching to achieve any super-detailed surface texture you require

Surface finish with any texture

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Our specialties

Overmolded wires


Insert moulding is the process when components (e.g. wires) are encapsulated

Injection molding of small parts
Small Parts Molding


'Micro' is not always 'micro'. If your part can fit in your hand - mold it 2x faster and cheaper with us.

Medical Injection Molding
Medical Injection Molding 


Microfluidics, OEM solutions, clean room 8 molding, sterilization and medical grade plastics.

Contact an engineer

Nalšios g. 11, LT-14332, Vilnius, Lithuania

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