Custom injection moulded plastic parts

What kind of parts?

We have been working in a variety of industries and our plastic moulded components scatter across automotive, electronics, healthcare, furniture and defense industries. Products range from plastic gears to caps and closures, plastic housing for electronics with undercut moulding and reverse engineered injection moulded parts.

What are the specs?

Size and dimensions

Part volume should not exceed 15cm³ and should fit within a projected mould area of ⌀80mm circle perimeter. Maximum depth from parting line can reach up to 40mm (2-3° draft).







Micromolds CNC machining can maintain +/- 0.08mm tolerance and depending on plastic material specifications injected polymer tolerance can be +/- 0.002mm.

Surface finish

We can use EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) with multiple passes and in combination with other tools to reach mirror-like surface or almost any other customer requires.

Minimum wall thickness

Depending on a material chosen wall thickness can vary accordingly. Please check out material's page to learn more.

Maximum injection volume for plastic part
Mould projected area

Hot or cold runner?

Here at Micromolds we use Babyplast 6/12 injection moulding machines with a wide spectrum of configurations. Thus, there is no difference for us working with hot runner moulded parts or cold runner moulds. And if you still consider 3 plate injection molding, for us it is a thing of a past already.

What is the cost of injection moulded part?

Tooling and manufacturing costs for injection moulded parts are not so easily determined and requires careful part analysis and several input variables from customer. Thus quoting process can seem as a huge time waster, especially when dealing with several sub-contractors. 


This is why we believe in industry digitalization and encourage our customers to use cost transparent contracting service - our automated online quoting, where you can instantly check out costs, and compare them with different batches, surface finishes, materials or other sub-contractors' quotes.

We locally design and manufacture moulds and parts

Our highly skilled mechanical engineers design parts, their moulds and writes CNC code for machining every day. At our local facilities freshly milled aluminium moulds go straightly to moulding machines. This is why automated quoting is even possible. Please read more about how we design your parts and manufacture your moulds.

Rapid injection moulding

Micro injection molding comparison

2-4x shorter time to market


up to 70% cheaper tooling (moulds)

Quick turn - low volume molding

Pilot runs, design and functional prototyping, on demand manufacturing to reduce supply chain risks - all possible because of the digitalization and rapid tooling. We position ourselves as non traditional manufacturers who can deliver your custom orders in less than 2 weeks. Our auto-quotation systemized process saves most of the time spent on no value creating quoting process both for our contractors and ourselves. Rapid tooling is the second most time saving part of your prototype injection moulding journey. You can read more about it on our mould making page.

How it works





To start just upload CAD file of your part

In few hours DFM and prcing is performed

Once an order is placed manufacturing begins

Parts are shipped in 1-2 weeks

DFM anlysis
Place an order
Shipping parts

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